the coveteur is a great site to visit if you are slightly voyeuristic (like me!) and like to get a glimpse into the way other people live (like me!). when i was having a look on it today, i fell in love with lauren santo domingo's home. she is the co-founder of moda operandi is a contributing editor to vogue, and man, she has an amazing home! it makes me ill with jealousy. 


i can't get enough of these illustrations by ria bordello! they are incredibly cute, i just love the whale character and the fish, they're big toothy smiles make me laugh! ria's a pretty talented lady! 

with the weather getting colder and colder by the day, i've been wanting a nice, new winter coat to keep me warm and cozy in the dreary weather. after having a look on polyvore, i have quite the wish list going! although i quite obviously can't afford any of the things i'm lusting after, i can still dream! can't i???
see by chloe fox fur jacket

givenchy printed wool jacket

ungaro vintage checked jacket
£140 (actually affordable!)

matthew williamson multi coloured panelled jacket with fur collar

images via stylebop, farfetch, mytheresa


tuesday's photo inspiration is all about candy colours! how sweet! 

images via tumblr

ok, there have been quite a few collections i've posted here on my blog that i've raved about but this one, i can honestly say, has topped them all. diane von furstenberg's 2012 resort collection is just incredible. the colours, the variety of styles she has included, the fact that every piece is completely wearable, everything, everything, everything, everything is just perfect! its so good i can't stand it anymore! 

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i recently discovered nasa's marshall space flight centre photo stream on flickr and i'm blow away by some of the images they have decided to share. i'm fascinated by all things galactical and love getting a glimpse at whats beyond our planet, and these photos really get me pondering life in outer space...


i know that i haven't been on top of my blogging lately (this is due to my busy full time internship!), and i'm feeling quite bad about this, but i am trying my absolute best to post when i can. at the moment, i have quite a lot of inspirational photos i've collected over the past week, so here's my favourites in my 'bright colours' folder. 

images via tumblr
check out this awesome art work by shane mcadams. they are all done with ball point pens on resin panels. even though they are quite small pieces (12''x12''), i can imagine that they still took ages to do. i really love the idea and think he's done an incredible job at creating some beautiful art. 

the spring 2012 collection by ann-sophie back. the sheer simplicity of the clothes is incredibly refreshing from the usual loud prints and bright colours i go for (well, i was drawn in by her splash of pink here and there!). i feel that the whole collection is incredibly wearable and something i could really picture myself in, either in a work situation or even for an evening dinner party. yes, i do those things and i am that sophisticated! promise! 

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i discovered these awesome illustrations by gabriella barouch and am in love! they are incredibly cute and even slightly dark in a sense, which adds to the awesomeness. i love the little rhymes that go along with them, it creates a little story for each picture making you feel like a kid again. 

landscapes, whats not to love? the beauty of nature is undeniably beautiful and never ceases to amaze me. i hope to travel the world and soak in everything nature has to offer. i guess i better get on that, it will probably take me quite some time. 

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